Weekend Coffee 2: A Roundup of Everything I Have Loved This Week

Main one: Waking up to gorgeous Sunshine this morning.

Honestly, I didn’t fully prepare for a show and tell for this weekend, and I have a bunch of pre-emptive puppy proofing and house cleaning and CURTAIN HANGING to do today…

But I do have SOME stuff!!

Starting to get pretty excited for Spring gardens, so when I saw this 10 DIY Seed Markers for Your Garden over at Apartment Therapy it just made it a little worse. Stamped spoons as seed markers?! YES!

Heavy Table’s article on Val’s Rapid Serve. I’m not from St. Cloud, but I have some ties there and I love it so much. Good burgers and delicious fries. Simplicity personified in a little, awesome place. Did I mention those fries? God, those fries are good! Nothing fancy, just more than a little seasoned salt and infinite deliciousness. I don’t even need condiments for these fries.

The letter from Keith Richards to his aunt where he details meeting Mick Jagger. Just amazing. I just keep imagining Keith sitting down to write this. And then, three months later, they play their first show. I had to read it multiple times because my excitement made my brain unable to read. Pretty neat stuff.

And of course, the link that inspired my one off – Hot Pink Bejeweled Stand Mixer Makes Me An Excited Corgi post – Kaelah’s Things I Love Thursday post with said stand mixer. She’s quickly becoming one of my favorites, even before I saw that. But the question is… where can I get my own? Because I’m not crafty, and if you read between the lines, it also shows how lazy I am as a person.

And of course the main thing I loved this week? WE’RE GETTING A PUPPY!!! It happens next Saturday morning at 10am. So that means, that’s when this blog will become a We Got a Puppy and Now I’m Really Tired But Super Happy blog.

Ok, off to brunch it up!

All my love,