Weekend Coffee 3: A Roundup of Everything I Have Loved This Week

I am so not crafty. But do you know what I love? CHECKING OUT OTHER PEOPLE’S CRAFTINESS! And while I never expected myself to fall for the Chevron pattern (I’m kind of a modern, flowery old lady at my secret core) I have, and I loved this Recycled Wood Chevron Planter on Craft this week. Because if I’m not obsessed with Chevron exactly. I am obsessed with all things bursting with colors.

**oh, and special bonus, fashionable and awesome NERDS – these Custom Hand Painted Star Wars Shoes. Where, oh WHERE were you when I was looking for wedding shoes?!

All things Deuce Cities Henhouse – this week Alison aka Scoops posted her full bedroom update and yet again I am in awe of her home decor process and gorgeous graphic design skills. People, its ALL BEAUTIFUL. Get over there.

I love amazing needlework and embroidery arts and that love just gets stronger and stronger everyday, so I have to give mad props to one of my favorite people and sites on the whole damn internet Pam at Retro Renovation for her post on Erica Wilson Needlework from Her Private Collection this week. I might need a tattoo of that gorgeous blue owl in a tree with the pops of fuchsia behind it. SO. MUCH. LOVE.

The photographic glory of Kaelah’s post this week on her site Little Chief Honeybee, Kaelah’s Cocktail Hour: v2 – it’s gorgeous. And they all look delicious. I want all my drinks served from a silvery bucket and nestled in ice like that. Radical. Extreme. All of the colors!

As it usually is, inevitably something I see on Saturday mornings will make it right on the list. Today’s case in point? This goddamn amazing video of kids narrating Planet Earth.

Um – I’m going to need Aiden to narrate everything I watch now. Also, Jamie – your narration on lizards made my morning ALMOST as much as the fact that WE ARE GETTING OUR BIRDIE TODAY!!!!



HAPPY RECORD STORE DAY!! Go buy some hot waxxxxx for me. I’ll be staying in laying down some vinyl for Birdie later today in it’s honor. Here’s a list of the places to buy all of the things!

And to prime yourself – Andrea’s got the lowdown on what is the what HERE.

Happy Puppy Arrival and Record Store Day!

All my love,